Spring it is not only new ideas and projects in Ш++, it is also new Vesnasoft! We are preparing, our team is growing, and we are feeling lack of time 🙂

What we have:
Designer! Finally, we have a volunteer who professionally works on our posters, mocaps, logos. And this concerns not only Vesnasoft. As for the festival, you can take a look at its poster here. And, of course, all updates are also on this page.

So, you understand that there are no problems with posters 🙂 But we do not quite have enough money to implement all of our plans. Therefore, we again launched a campaign to raise money at a crowdfunding platform, and we need 30,000 hryvnas.
For what? Print posters, T-shirts, notebooks, pens, lunch for participants of interactive competitions, advertising, a cake (of course, the cake!), as well as prizes. But these funds are not enough for everything, so in parallel we are contacting partners from previous years and are looking for new ones.

This year you will not only be able to participate in the exhibition or competition, but also see a map with a photo of everyone who supported our project.
How can I support Vesnasoft?
Become our volunteer (mail to vesna@programming.kr.ua).
Support us at the crowdfunding platform.