There are significant changes in this school zone. For those who don`t know, the school’s robo zone is a place where you can do something after passing a course only. And everyone wants to go there, because there are a lot of things there.
Arduino, soldering iron, robots, dremels are the small part of the things that are available at the School. It was hard to sort out everything on the table and make something. We did not have a responsible person who would help any time.
Now there are two of them. Moreover! Now we have a new 3D printer (we were dreaming about for a long time and crowdfunding brought us a new printer :)).
So now we have: an exoskeleton, a Bluetooth-controlled machine, a sumo-robot, a smart watch that measures CO2 levels, air humidity and temperature, a turret with elastic bands, an illuminated shelf for 3D models.
We know that there will be more projects 🙂