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Kropyvnytskyi waterfront transformation

In August 2020 KOWO team was inspired by an initiative that cleans up Kyiv from dirt and dust. We decided to clean the waterfront in Kropyvnytskyi that is visited every day by hundreds of citizens. Watch a video of how we cleaned the waterfront for the first time. Two weeks later, we met our volunteers …


Latest news from the life of our school

Unexpected gifts Preparation for the site change Graduation of a computer graphics group Unexpected gifts What a surprise! have contacted us and asked how they could help. They support everyone who teaches teenagers and donated us a powerful laptop and a TV. The laptop is used for recording and editing videos for educational courses, …

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School++ is now Online

We had many requests, but we always asked you to wait. Although studying at School++ combines online and offline elements, we postponed full-online for years, trying to perfect our format. We couldn’t find time or strength to provide students with the ability of distance learning. However, the 2020 quarantine quickened the process so much that …