Many people face the programming language choice issue when they decide which programming course to choose. Some choose randomly, some consider friends’ recommendations, or even test different languages until they find the one and only. Let’s deal with this question once and for all.

Founder and methodologist of School++ has told us why it is NOT essential to choose the language at the very beginning and how to solve this question. We will explain whom Java and JavaScript suit, what languages we teach in School++, and how to choose a programming language for yourself.

Roman Shmelov, founder and methodologist of School++

💰 Why do they hire programmers?

They hire specialists because it makes sense to build a business with them, they are reliable, and they will thoroughly do their job. From our experience:

A specialist = fundamental knowledge + specific skills. 

Principles and constructions that are common for all programming languages are what we call fundamental knowledge. Those are conditions, loops, arrays, and other programming terms 🙂 which are not crucial in this article.

Specific skills are required to solve a particular task. For example, to create an internet shop, the OpenCart engine is often used.

Of course, programming languages are also required for being hired 🙂 They are tools: some languages are easier to learn basics with, some are better to solve a particular task.

With that said, most likely, you won’t get hired if you write, “I know Python”, but you will get hired if you write, “I can create AI and use Python for it”.

So what programming language is better?

The one that is useful for you ❤️

First of all, consider what you like. What problems do you want to solve? Develop games? Automate own business? Find a steady income and be valuable for someone?

Recently, we asked students from our discord community about their studying area choice.

Half of them started studying without knowing what programming area they are interested in.

It’s not bad, because first, you need to understand if you are interested in programming itself and learn the basics. 

At the first stage of studying, students don’t choose the language 😈

In School++, we have chosen JavaScript and Java as the best tools for learning basics.

Talking to each other and solving problems, students learn about different programming areas from practicing developers (our mentors and volunteers). This allows them to know the industry better and choose their area independently (you can always change it if you want).

Useful for others 📈

Secondly, in order to choose a demanded language or technology, you should observe the employment market. Pay attention to the number of vacancies in your city and population dynamics. Mentors in School++ can also consult you after you finish the computer studying course.

It is easier to find a job with a more demanded technology among IT-companies and freelance services. Be prepared, though, there will be more competition as well. We don’t recommend choosing a niche and unpopular technology, it might be harder to find a project or a job.

What languages do they learn in School++?

In School++, you will meet several programming languages. Each of the three learning stages has its own format and language. 

JavaScript on the zero course 🐣

The first stage is a preparing course for beginners. It is designed for those who don’t possess the necessary knowledge to pass our admission test. This course also helps people understand whether they like coding.

We chose JavaScript as the most straightforward language to start with. For learning it, you only need a browser that any computer or tablet has.

JavaScript lets you not get distracted by punctuation and data types (you will learn it later) and focus on algorithms and experiments.

Even though we chose JavaScript, you will learn programming basics much more than the language itself 🙂

🔬 Java on Computer Studying course

The second stage is an adapted computer studying basics Stanford course CS106a/b.

Stanford University experiments with languages, but we stopped with Java 🙂

Popular, simple, typed, and high-level are the essential advantages of Java for us. We found balance in Java, students don’t waste time writing low-level syntax, but at the same time, they write understandable code and don’t see magic in it. It was important for Computer Science to answer questions like “how does it work” and “why it works like this”. In our opinion, this skill is critical; that’s why all our students complete the 4-months course of computer studying basics before learning a specific area.

The ability to build algorithms and solve complicated problems will allow you to focus on technology features.

Not languages, but technologies 🔧 on a specialized course

The third stage is studying a specific area. Here you get your specialization, which will be written in your CV (like Junior Frontend Developer). You choose it at your taste, but again, you choose not a language but a technology. For example, all frontend developers use the same language – JavaScript, but they use different technologies like Vue / React / Angular. Other areas have a similar situation.

At this stage, you can choose the following areas:

You can choose any area and change it later if you didn’t like it.

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