• Waterfront cleaning, part 2
  • Five seconds of glory for our students of the P2P course in a video
  • New course in School++, what is it? Read in the third part of news 😉

We continue our project of waterfront cleaning. Our achievements are as follows:

✅ graffiti from start to the bridge erased

✅ 17 activists gathered

✅ a real party organized

✅ 10 cups of cappuccino drunk and 1 watermelon devoured 😀

Now we need a high-pressure washing device, and we have already gathered 30% of its cost. Donate a little, and you are on the https://donate.kowo.me web-site 🙂 

And we will thank you with a clean city!

During the fourth week of studying, our students can already create an animation. We call it “Five Seconds of Glory.” Watch the video; it’s cool. 

We are looking for a mentor for our new QA course in School++!

We offer: 

  • A fully designed program
  • A small group of motivated students (up to 15 people)
  • Classes once a week for two months
  • An amazing community in our school 🙂

Have any questions? We are looking for you exactly? Contact us on info@programming.kr.ua