Android opportunity for teenagers

Our friends from Ivano-Frankivsk Roboclub are gathering teenagers aged 16 and over for a unique free of charge webinar, “Design and development of Android application for waste sorting.” 

Recycling is a serious and important issue nowadays. The event will teach you how to improve recycling with a regular smartphone and your own Android application. 

The format of the webinar will be an online video-lecture with a possibility to ask questions in real-time. The duration is 1.5-2 hours. During the lecture, the mentor will explain to the participants how to develop a mobile application with garbage recognition that will be used for recycling. At the end of the webinar, participants will get a link to the video-lecture and instructions.

This webinar will be useful and entertaining if you are:

  • a teenager over 16 years old;
  • interested in programming and IT;
  • a future IT-specialist;
  • advanced in tech and care for the environment

Registration and details are on the website

First education news

A course on the basics of QA for the first time in School++.

Kyiv’s quality assurance read about us on and wanted to become a volunteer of the School++.

He offered to compile a program for a course on the basics of software testing. Living 400 km away from Kropyvnytskyi, he wasn’t able to hold classes. So we started looking for another volunteering mentor.

An engineer tester from a local IT company responded to the request.

And already, on September 22, 20 students started this course. We are watching, waiting for the results, and planning new groups, for which there is already a wish list 🙂

Second education news

Children’s groups are back to studying!

After the summer holidays, we start training for the little ones in School++. In total, we have formed five groups that will study Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python. They will learn programming for four months. Some of the children waited for this training for almost six months and took the entrance test several times.

Three new volunteers joined our team.

We have developed a kind of guidebook for children’s groups.

All this was made to make it more attractive for children to learn and more comfortable for mentors to work.

We plan to start the next children’s training in the winter of 2021. So follow our news on Facebook and Instagram.