Volodymyr Prykhozhenko finished our course in 2014 and supports us financially now. He works as a 1C developer and studies other areas such as mobile application development in his spare time. Last week he released an interactive trainer for Maths and English.

He came up with the idea during the quarantine when he saw that his children have nothing to do. The development process took nights and weekends of 4 months. The result was a trainer application, which, as he believes, suits both children and adults. In this application, you can not only train arithmetic functions, but also improve your English pronunciation, form dialogs, and learn new words. Volodymyr liked how he designed the app, and now he sometimes uses it as well.
The app has been developed for Android mobile devices using the 1C platform. This functionality was introduced recently, and Volodymyr decided to test it in this manner. He is still planning on spreading this application for other platforms. Moreover, he aspires to add a server to support dictionaries, dialogs, and the ability to update internal dictionaries from the server. Last but not least, he wants to translate the app into Ukrainian and add other languages for learning.
If you have 10 minutes and have a desire to test the application, follow the link!