We have released a new P2P zero course, that will help you to prepare yourself for our entrance exam (for adults) faster and easier.
If you never knew how to start learning in Ш++, here’s how. You fill the questionnaire right here, choose the date of the entrance exam (if you already have basic knowledge), and wait for the start of studying.
But if you don’t have the basic knowledge and you want to learn, there is a course for newbies that we call P2P zero. Previously, in this course, you could learn the basics of C++. And it was quite good as it helped to pass the exam and start studying.
But there was a “but”. At Ш++ you don’t learn C++. Our students learn Java. Besides, C++ is sometimes hard for newbies.
In our new course, we added a lot of examples that will help you learn the basics of programming even faster. Eight volunteers had joined the creation of this course and we are extremely satisfied with the result.
Want to know more about P2P zero? Come here.
Get closer to your dream of becoming a developer! See you soon in Ш++ 🙂