The time of the school projector that helped us a lot with teaching has come. And we realized that it was time to change it. We didn’t have money for a new one then, so we decided to ask for help, and we announced that on our FB page.
We had already had experience with the organization of events like this when we were preparing for the IT fest Vesnasoft. So we understood that we needed time and effort.
But the amazing thing happened! It only took 4 days to collect the necessary funds and even a little more. We were supported by our friends, students, graduates, parents of our students, people who always support us, and those who had never supported us before.
The projector is already at school. We are going to include the extra money to raising funds for multi-material kit for 3d printer (to print 3d models in different colors).
We are truly happy to know that you believe in us. This inspires our entire team.
Best regards! Your Ш++ 🙂