We have a good habit. Every month we buy a new book for our School. And this is not always related to programming.
Ш++ is a place where we not only learn and teach to code. We teach to learn and develop in general. Perhaps this is not a well-known fact, but we have our own library (and even the stamps of the Ш++ in the books :))
We share with you the latest acquisitions:
Timur Vorona “Startup for a million. How Ukrainians earn fortunes on technologies
Ryan Holiday “Ego is an enemy”

Lyudmila Saricheva, Maxim Ilyakhov “Write, cut down”
“How to design a fair city”
You can take these books every day at the School, asking the administrator. Or you can come and read directly here at School. On the second floor we have a place for relaxation, which is called: “Lie here with the book, read, make yourself better :)”
We are waiting and running to read.