We’ve joined the list of good schools in our country! Good School Manifesto initiative has developed a criteria that help to decide whether the course, educational institution or projects are qualitative and meet the expectations of a student. This way, students can choose a special place that gives them truly excellent knowledge and takes the responsibility for their actions and for the people they teach.

Anyone can appeal against the charter of a “good” educational establishment and leave their commentary on the site. One can also suggest institutions that are worthy of such status.

School++ thoroughly read through all of the ”good” checklists and couldn’t sign the Manifest immediately. We started working to meet these requirements.

This May stars aligned, and we did sign the GoodSchoolManifest! Unfortunately, not all educational establishments that signed this Manifest are displayed on GoodSchoolManifesto. However, this doesn’t mean that one can’t write about “school” that is worthy of that. Do you know a school like this? Contact them!