After the article about us on, more people wanted to know what we do and wished to join us. Unexpectedly, a few volunteers have offered us to help maintain the school.

So starting in February, we are launching 2 new children groups. One of them will study Scratch and another one will study Python. Having new volunteers appeared in the school not only pleases us, but it is also extremely important since children could sometimes wait for 3-4 months before starting the course. 

Another surprise is a teenager motion design course. This is just fascinating! We’ve never had anything like this before, moreover, this is a course made by a volunteer, who is a specialist in this field. He works and teaches adults in Odesa. Believe it or not, it was his idea to teach this course at our school for free. 

Last but not least, Frontend Team Lead Olexiy Pavlenko will organize an event about soft skills development. This is pretty rare for IT specialists to offer us to hold an interesting event. 

We are looking forward to meeting new people. By the way, if you want to support “Ш++” development, there are a few ways to do that on our website 😉