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Who can become a developer faster and easier

Web developers and mentors of “Ш++” Nastya Pereverzeiva and Yuriy Degtyar have shared their thoughts about the following questions: “For whom is it easier to become a developer?”, “How soon can one get a job after finishing our courses?”. And also the have told us some interesting stories about our graduates. Nastya teaches the basics …


Doing homework while sitting in a mine

Another story of our graduate, who wanted to learn programming and change his life, and managed to do so. Konstantin Petrenko had been working as a miner for ten years when he started studying at Ш++ at the age of 34. “For me programmers were always kind of like chosen ones, and that is why …


Change your profession and your life

A graduate of “Ш++” says that it’s not easy but no pain, no gain. An interview with Kostiantyn Petkov, who drastically changed his line of work and his life. Nine months ago Kostiantyn Petkov already had one-year experience working in IT. Before that, he had been a bus driver for more than ten years. You …